The continuity between Africa and today’s Black Boston has been consistent since the first Africans set foot in Boston. That year was 1638.  Today, Africans are among the majority of new immigrants entering Massachusetts.

BlackBoston.com is an African American oriented web site portal to black culture in Greater Boston and connected communities. It participates with a joint-venture constructing a network of named “BlackCitydotcoms” representing 31 urban areas where most blacks in the United States live and work.  BlackWashingtonDC.com,  www.BlackBirmingham.com (Birmingham, Alabama), BlackCharlotte.com, BlackCleveland.com, BlackDetroit.com are just a few of them. When finished, we will reach 91 million African Americans at scale.

On BlackBoston.com you will find a menu of choices. The Directory menu provides black Boston community meetings and activity listings,  a black church directory,  black owned business lists, entertainment events going on and more.

The Shop.BlackBoston.com feature offers a million  items  for sale to all visitors. There are fashion brands here that light up the runway and save you money. Shop and compare prices for baby supplies, kid’s toys, games, computers and electronics.  You can buy groceries, gift cards and items made by local artists.

We’ll refer you to small businesses to use for home repairs and personal services.

SEE DAILY DEALS featuring women’s boots, coats,shoes, men’s jeans and more.

The Blog.BlackBoston.com site is a good an electronic town hall meeting square as any. Login IDs to post to the blog can be requested.

Where Black People Are In Boston

For a city with 150,000 African Americans and over 200,000 blacks, Boston is a majority-minority city.

Black Night Clubs – You have to consider the pop-up and rental night spots to follow the black night club scene. The clientele is portable. They are just as likely to party inside a brick and mortar establishment as they are to surf the ocean waves about a party cruise around the harbor or to distant islands. Establishment players are Monroe’s in Cambridge and Mosley’s on the Charles, Thelenious Monkfish and a long list of cocktail bars scattered downtown. Add the Museum of Fine Art to the mix, put Hibernian Hall on the list and that pretty much sums up night entertainment destinations. Most are not black-owned to our knowledge but large black social groups book these clubs for many events.

Please allow us to recommend Darryl’s Corner Bar and Grill owned by entrepreneur Darryl Settles for food, jazz and drinks. Best if you reserve if you can. Weekend nights are busy. Darryl’s is known for its Sunday morning brunch and is a host for economic development event forums bringing the best and the brightest together forum style.

Wally’s Jazz pub owned by the family, and Slade’s – all these in the South End near Ruggles – where Slade’s has a popular scene for foodie’s and live dance floor action. Darryl’s is a consistent winner of “Best of Boston” awards and Wally’s is a hot jazz and Guiness beer spot where you’ll hear the world’s best contemporary jazz musicians mixed with students from Berklee.

Black Boston is a radio audience. When surveyed, over 80% of African Americans said they listen to a radio station sometime during their day. Black radio stations in Boston play Christian/Gospel, Adult Contemporary, R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop, Rap and Jazz music blends from station brands named Bass of Boston, Boston Praise Radio, Big City FM, and the internet only Touch FM, the self-decribed fabric of the black community.

The Black Night Club Hotspot List is always changing. Follow Black Boston Tweets @blackboston and pay attention for social organizers BostonFab, Ethnic Online, StyleitUp and LiteWorks for event announcements. The millennial group KickBackBoston, EpiCenter and KillerBoomBox are always programming DJ mix and Cypher social nights. For theater buffs, check up with ArtsEmerson, Company One and The Hungtinton Theatre for stage plays and undefinable performances. The July annual Roxbury Film Festival fetes filmmakers of color at the Museum of Fine Arts and venues across town.

Click this link for comments and reviews by patrons who went to the night clubs.

Blacks are on television. The BASIC BLACK series show broadcast on the PBS WGBH 2 network covers black issues affecting Black Boston and the world. And national TV network station affiliates air the Karen Holmes Ward CityLine Show and the Bryon Barnett Urban Update Show on Sunday mornings.

Blacks on the Internet are found on an AboutBlackBoston Online network site which includes Aboutblackboston.com, Roxbury.tv, Movef.com, Smallwall.net and boston.blacksoftware.com. Depending on which metric you use: the web server log which counts HTML, PDF and DOC file activity or Google Analytics count code embedded on certain pages, the AboutBlackBoston Online site network receives between 40,000 and 149,000 unique visitors every 10 mos.  Viewers we interact with include the media industry, regional companies, global companies, local small businesses and entrepreneurs, universities, schools and colleges, social and political activists, families at home planning things to do and places to go, and anybody else interested in African American culture, which we can say with authority, is a very broad mix of people from various ethnic groups and special interests.

Eighty-seven percent of all African Americans in the US use the internet and in Greater Boston, that percentage is no exception. A senior marketing manager for InterActive One brought up in a dialogue that they (owners of Blackplanet.com) believe there are 255,000 Boston area active African American / black users on the internet and social media inside the ring of Boston Proper, which in their judgement includes Quincy, Randolph and Stoughton, Cambridge, Newton and Arlington, Medford and Malden.  There are a bit less than 500,000 total blacks in Massachusetts so yes, this number is believable because West Springfield, Worcester, New Bedford is not included in that number.

AboutBlackBoston Online sites are making ongoing adjustments to increase the visibility of advertisers and promotions on ABBO.

A great black community news site is The Blackstonian and the oldest African American-owned  newspaper site in Boston operates online at Baystatebanner.com.  A new startup project coming out of Stealth Mode  is the area’s first black oriented member-owned digital news coop.  

Blacks are active online at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
The Black Boston Tweets network is @blackboston.

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