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The continuity between Africa and today’s Black Boston has been consistent since the first Africans set foot in Boston. Early America documentation records the year 1638 when it happened.  Boston Ma, founded September 7, 1630, grew up on African power. Before they came, the colony was a floundering, unsustainable mess. Indians knew this. English investors lost money on it. The Africans and the beaver gave them a break, remarkably so.

The colony grew and became a calling card for others from England to come here.  The first blacks in Massachusetts were more important than the air. They were the money, the currency whites used to capitalize the new world. These Africans never did make it back to Africa.  Naturally, a black community took shape in Boston and blossomed. It was the first. The first Africans in Boston Massachusetts are as old as the Pilgrims. And there is documented evidence.

DORCAS de BLACKMORE, the Angolean woman brought to Boston in 1638 aboard the slave ship named Desire was baptized at the First Church of Dorchester.

BlackBoston.com is an African American oriented web site portal to black culture in Greater Boston and connected communities. We made a Black Boston souvenir image. It was granted trademark protection by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Secretary of State office and that image is shown in the HED section of this page.

On BlackBoston.com The Directory Menu provides connections to events, data files, affordable housing, jobs, a Black Boston church review sheet, Black-owned business lists and more.

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Where Black People Are In Boston

For a city with 150,000 African Americans and over 200,000 blacks, Boston is a majority-minority city.

Black Night Clubs – Following the Black Boston night club scene, club goers are portable. They are just as likely to party inside a brick and mortar establishment as they are to surf the ocean waves aboard a small cruise ship headed around the harbor or to distant islands.

Monroe’s in Cambridge and Mosley’s on the Charles, Thelonious Monkfish and VFW meeting houses are just a few host locations for clubbing. There’s the Bella Luna and the Milky Way in Jamaica Plain that’s been around a while. Downtown Bar Restaurants The Good Life is happening — there are plenty of those. Like Foundation Room at Fenway, the MFA Museum of Fine Arts; #WhatdoDoNow EpiCenter dates.

Google “KILLERBOOM BOX,” “KICKBACK BOSTON,” “Ethnic Online” and “LITEWORKS” to tap into active social organizations who produce Black and multicultural night club events all over the place.

Please allow us to recommend Darryl’s Corner Bar and Grill owned by entrepreneur Darryl Settles for food, jazz and drinks. For seafood, Legals. AT Bowdoin and Washington in Dorchester, there’s Down Home Soul Food carry out.

Mattapan Square has Brothers Restaurant. April 1, a national Caribbean bakery chain will open in the vacant space left when bMcDonalds pulled out. Food choices impress in Black Boston. Any taste you have can be satisfied. There’s the Stashes sub shop menu. Dudley Cafe in Dudley Square is great.  Folsk go pizza joints, burgers, donuts, chicken wings all over the damn place,  Muslim restaurants, vegetarian restaurants. Fish restaurants.  Chinese.  Codman Square Dorchester has a long series of Jamaican and Caribbean restaurants. ROTIs. Ital. Great.

BRUNCH – Darryl’s Corner Bar and Kitchen (DCBK)  has a reputation for Sunday.  Dorchester Bowdoin has a breakfast spot. Folks drive long wats to sit down for breakfast. There is a growing list of eateries in Black Boston – too many for us to know about so please make a suggestion if you like a place. Seventy-five new limited liquor licenses are opening up places in neighborhoods where they will thrive.

The DCBK Restaurant and Jazz bar is hosts to economic development forums bringing the best and the brightest people of color together with celebrities and civic leaders for discussion.

Wally’s Jazz pub owned by the family, and Slade’s in the South End near Ruggles. Slade’s has a popular scene for foodie’s and live dance floor action. Darryl’s is a consistent winner of “Best of Boston” awards and Wally’s is a hot jazz and Guiness beer spot where you’ll hear the world’s best contemporary jazz musicians, Berklee alums and freshmen up and comers.

Black Boston is a radio audience. When surveyed, over 80% of African Americans said they listen to a radio station sometime during their day. Black radio stations in Boston play Christian/Gospel, Adult Contemporary, R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop, Rap and Jazz music blends from station brands named Bass of Boston, Boston Praise Radio, Big City FM, and the internet only Touch FM, the self-described fabric of the black community.

The Black Night Club Hotspot List is always changing. Follow Black Boston Tweets @blackboston and sight social organizers BostonFab, Ethnic Online, StyleitUp and LiteWorks for event announcements.

The millennial group KickBackBoston, EpiCenter and KillerBoomBox program clubs, museums, the Leedz Entertainment fulfilled Middle East in Central Square, neigthborhood spac2e DJ mixers / Cypher script social nights.


Theater buffs do Hibernian Hall, ArtsEmerson, Company One and The Huntington Theatre for stage plays and undefinably rich performances. They do Cambridge theater, they go where theater is. Boston has a Broadway too near Chinatown.  ArtsEmerson brings their work to the hood.  A regular series of reading scripts at the Dudley Branch in Roxbury of the Boston Public Library.  In July, the Roxbury Film Festival fetes filmmakers of color at the Museum of Fine Arts and venues across town. Strand Theatre .. find that word Strand Google, in this piece.

Click this link  submit suggestions about food and night clubs.

Blacks on Boston television. Hats off to The BASIC BLACK TV series show broadcast on the PBS WGBH 2 network. They have been on television longer than Professor Henry Louis Gates covering Black issues that affecting Black Boston and the world. There are a multitude of multicultural faces appearing across the local/national TV network stations. Reporting from the field at FOX 25, WCVB, WHDH, WBGH, NECN, BNN-TV Comcast Channel 23 and 9 and PressPassTV are many voices representing a diverse Boston. WCVB Channel 5 airs the Karen Holmes Ward CityLine Show. Bryon Barnett Urban Update is a show on Channel 7 WHDH.

Blacks on the Internet are found on the world’s first Boston Black and Gold colored web site named the Online Guides to Black Boston and AboutBlackBoston Online.

Some of the African American oriented Boston based web sites and their associated social media channels are offered by The Blackstonian media company and The BayState BannerAfrican American owned newspaper. The independent @BlackBoston Tweets channel and associated sites AboutBlackBoston.com, Roxbury.TV, Boston.Blacksoftware.com, Movef.com and Smallwall.net – the affordable housing supply site we maintain, are active online

Depending on whether you count smartphones, computers or tablets, Blacks  in Boston are all over the Internet.  Black public transportation riders use bigger phone screens than  white people use. When Verizon made a decision to open its first ever LTE 4G wireless data service in the United States, Ground Zero for testing and turn-up was the Orchard Gardens apartment complex area,Jackson Square in Jamaica Plain and the Dudley Square block where Nubian Notion once was.  This writer was a big data collector for Verizon working with the “Can you hear me now” teams, which had a black project manager from New Jersey running it.

Mark this jan 10th, 2017 that the @BlackBoston Twitter follower count was 2,100 when this article was first released.  Today during revision, the @BlackBoston Tweets Twitter count is 2,179 following the channel.  The online world provides equal access.  We were thrilled when MOONLIGHT won the Oscar for Best Picture because we did an advance screening for it in Boston and had no idea it was that good. But the buzz for the ticket advance was huge so we should have known. “Loving”the movie was another hit advance screening.

Our viewers represent Greater Boston. They are diverse. Most are 25-34. Viewers are media industry, regional companies, global companies, local small businesses and entrepreneurs, universities, schools and colleges, social and political activists, families at home planning things to do and places to go, and anybody else interested in African American culture.

A senior marketing manager for InterActive One brought up in a dialogue that they (owners of Blackplanet.com) believe there are 255,000 Boston area active African American / Black users on the internet and social media networks.

There are a bit less than 500,000 total blacks in Massachusetts so yes, this number is believable.

A great black Boston community news site is Blackstonian.com.  And there is BlackInfoNow.org – the Black Community Information Center and community and Kwanzaa organizer site.  View the 45 year old African American-owned Boston newspaper at this site Baystatebanner.com.

The Black Boston TWITTER Tweets connect is @blackboston.

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