Here’s the OneUnited Bank official letter to the press about the situation.

received 3/5/2012 at 17:15 from the bank’s representative

As the largest Black-owned Bank in the country, OneUnited Bank has loaned over $500 million to families and charitable institutions, including churches, in low-to-moderate income communities in Boston, Los Angeles and Miami. We work with organizations and families who have been impacted by the recession.

As an FDIC insured depository institution, the Bank also has a process for working with borrowers who have had difficulty meeting their financial obligations. It is not the practice of the Bank to foreclose on a mortgage in the absence of a borrower’s default.
Recently, the press has published a number of articles about OneUnited Bank’s actions in Boston. We trust the community will not rush to judgment without full knowledge of all the facts. From its inception as an outgrowth of the civil rights movement, OneUnited always sides with the community to protect our community’s assets. – OneUnited Bank



In response to this recent article that ran on your website, we wanted to ensure that you received this statement from OneUnited Bank (see below). Also, Robert Cooper, General Counsel for OneUnited, is also available if you are interested in speaking with him. Please let me know if we can answer any additional questions or inquiry.