Twitter reader calls @blackboston out for being duped and e-mailed us a letter. The copy is here. -> .

When Black Boston tweets  said

[  BEST interview ever w/Oracle’s Larry Ellis on The Cup, The 25-year friend of Steve Jobs part, … C Charlie Rose  ” posted 8/16 at 10PMish eastern ]

We received a reader’s e-mail letter the next day who said this :
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Date: Sat, Aug 17, 2013 5:54 am
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“Oops I typed medgar edgars when I meant medgar evers.

Its almost 6am and I have eaten or slept. As I never do. Because I am a slave and not even human. So sorry for my typo but my brain struggles to function under my miserable conditions!”

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Date: Sat, 17 Aug 2013 09:49:24
Subject: Twitter post by “blackboston”


I saw a twitter post by blackBoston tonight about the Charlie Rose interview of Larry Ellison regarding Steve Jobs of Apple.

I had to contact you at “” to let you know…as a fellow minority…that larry ellison is flat out lying.

And this is precisely the kind of thing that has been practiced against blacks for literally centuries.

Surely you know what Wall Street and countless others have been complaining about: namely that Apple doesn’t have anything new. When steve jobs died the news…including steve jobs official biographer walter isaacson all said that steve jobs assured everybody that “the master left behind new inventions for a good 4 years for Apple”. Yet within months of his death…it was clear apple was running on the same old material.

Steve Jobs did not invent the iPhone!

He stole it!

And he stole it with the help of Larry Ellison.

So for Ellison to come out on Charlie Rose and continue the lie about what actually happened is plain sickening.

I have shown solid evidence to 100’s of journalists since the iPhone was launched on January 9th 2007 and they all suppressed the information.

In June I saw a history program about Malcolm X and Medgar edgars. Medgar was complaining about how the news was denying him coverage to present a white-washed view of what was happening to blacks. When I saw that I thought …that is exactly what is happening now with Apple, Steve Jobs, and the truth about the iPhone!

And then Larry Ellison pops up on Charlie Rose the other day…and even succeeds at duping “blackBoston” to give them an “endorsement” for a lie! That is like getting “blackBoston” to “endorse” a story that Martin Luther King committed suicide because he couldn’t measure up at his job and felt ashamed at being inferior…rather than having been murdered in a conspiracy to oppress blacks and silence blacks from their God given rights.

Thus I had to say that to you folks!

PS I am part of the Boston community too because I went to MIT and I live in Boston part of the time.”

That’s it, folks.
– @blackboston on Twitter