What’s a good breakfast for champions?

Judging from the sixty-two comments  written to PinkSuedeShoe after she posted  How to Cut a Perfect Watermelon, this juicy easy-to-grow-in-good-backyard-soil fruit could be one contender.

When you see the pictures that are part of the story your mouth may water. You might wanna get some to cool you down on a hot day.

artwork by Calvin Massey
Angel watching over us, by Calvin Massey

McDonald’s serves a popular breakfast meal.  Have been there having breakfast , minus the sausage.  Heard they serve real eggs and hopefully they do.

Each McDonald’s location is different and we’ve been to many of them.  Some have more sit-in diners than others at breakfast time.

There’s the one at the Roxbury Mall where  senior fellas gather regularly to chat, gossip,  read the papers and hang out with friends.  The location near Boston Medical Center and the South Bay Shopping area is a trip in the early morning.

If anything is going to jump off at a McDonald’s,  most likely its going to happen at that one.

It has been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but many many people don’t believe it.  They would say breakfast is  breaking a fast from sleeping so it would be better to eat nothing when you wake up or very little…watermelon would be ideal, I might say.

Remember the Cheerios commercials?  But something went wrong with people eating the food advertised on tv or otherwise mass produced.

Too many people have gained too much weight.

We stopped by to chat with activists from Corporate Accountability International who  snagged our attention while strolling down the sidewalks of Jamaica Plain recently. They had a lot to say about food and they will be a part of this post soon.

First Lady Michelle Obama  to Launch Anti-Obesity Program for Kids on Aol Health
screamed a recent headline on BlackVoices.com.

It was  setup by the following  intro paragraph:

” The federal government is also embarking on a number of other efforts to reduce obesity, such as redesigning the food pyramid, working with food manufactures to reduce serving sizes, increasing access to healthy food in urban and rural areas, and working to serve healthier school meals.”

That is so interesting because right here in Massachusetts, an African-American owned research firm named Bell Associates, Inc.  created that food pyramid for the FDA ( they were computer service clients of the blogmaster).

Now, First Lady Michelle Obama and crew is going to improve it again.

This conversation about food can go on and on..

Your turn foodintern@stopcorporateabuse.org.

Tell the people what you know.

What is a good breakfast for future champions?