Job Openings and Research Study Recruitment

Job Openings & Research Recruitment

AboutBlackBostonOnline works with talent acquisition buyers and HR professionals to recruit candidates for open job positions. We also help researchers recruit people of color for scientific, medical, business, social or other types of research studies.

Contact us to Advertise your Job Openings or to Start a Volunteer Recruitment Research Campaign.

Are you Conducting a Research Study?

Since 2004, the Online Guide to Black Boston / AboutBlackBostonOnline has been working with Ph D. researchers and research institutions to recruit African American / Black volunteers for your studies. We accept research recruitment campaigns that will compensate the volunteer to participate. Compensation arrangements have been in the form of payment or gift certificates provided by the research advertiser to volunteers. Perhaps your research doesn’t support compensating a volunteer to participate but we strongly encourage you to offer them something in return. In some cases, the researchers have offered to share the results of research with the participant.

We quote a nominal service fee to run / advertise research studies and volunteer recruitment campaigns.