Black New England Conference 2018 features first ever fashion show “3018”

One of the many thing to do at 2018 Black New England Conferemce is the fashion show 3018 Afrofuturism

runs October 19-20, 2018 – RSVP

Fashion Show: Back to the Future  “3018”
at Holloway Commons, UNH Saturday Oct 20, 5pm

The culmination of the BNEC 2018 will offer a glimpse of Afrofuturistic style. Think of the fashions you saw in the movie, Black Panther. “3018” is an Afrofuturistic style fashion show that tells the story of a group of African tribes who return to Earth 800 years from now.  review full program

Curated by Creative Director Terry Robinson, the show will feature clothes by Beyonce’s designer Francis Hendy, Emelyne Adios, Olivia Amanda Oleko and Elisabeth Walu Osakanu. Hair and makeup design will be done by Kerttia Fenestor and her team.

Afrofuturism New Hampshire
fashion show at the conference

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