11% in PEW INTERNET study are African American


A statement in  the 2008 PEW  / INTERNET  “networked families” report says “busy and tech-using families are less likely to share meals and less likely to report satisfaction with their leisure time.”   If you are surprised by this, perhaps you shouldn’t be.   “New connectedness” and “shared internet experiences” were seen as positives.

The full report is 44 pages of data supplied by single and married households with or without children.

Researchers had placed over 25,000 random phone calls to get 2,252 adults on record about their use of computers, phones and the internet as recent as December 2007.

African-Americans were 11% of data sampled.  Click to Download the report

PEW / INTERNET research  center releases “Networked families” report  October 18, 2008
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