DNA testers want to increase the number of African Americans who get sampled.

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(Boston, 7/28/2011)
Skip Gates, in association with the DuBois Institute of Harvard University, the a2afoundation and “Sergio’s” financial support – Sergio is a Google co-founder – announced the availability of 10,000 FREE DNA TEST KITS FOR AFRICAN AMERICANS, a $399 value now being provided to 10,000 first come / first serve.

Members seated at theNational Urban League Conference 2011 in Boston were asked a few minutes ago to head to the DNA signup table after he interviews Bill Gates of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He said, pick one up for free, spit into a cup and look for your free report in 6 weeks The DNA test will: identify your origin and describe where other family members came from.

Harvard University
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. – http://dubois.fas.harvard.edu/African-Genome-Project


The African Genome Project is co-sponsored by the African African-American Foundation, whose mission is to re-establish the connections between African-Americans and their African heritages. The Project will collect DNA from various African ethnic groups whose ancestors are known to have also contributed to the ancestries of African-Americans. The Project will create the most extensive set of African DNA markers in existence relevant to African-American populations. This dataset will increase the historical and scientific accuracy of DNA analysis for use in genealogical and other reconstructions for African-Americans and related populations.


  1. I wonder how many, if any, Black Americans are aware of the DNA Study at “Howard Universty”. A Documentary was made about five or six years ago, several people traveled to Africa, and met their ancestral families, some of the participants were happy and some were not. I would like to know if anyone else knows about this study, would be interested in feedback. J Lee-Ogette~Boston

    • Just starting….

      We’re looking forward to adding a profile of what an African American woman in South Bend, Indiana discovered when she received her DNA test report. Scientist linked her to King Tut.


  2. People have mixed ancestries made up of many different ethnic groups. It’s silly to think that spitting in a cup will point to a specific ethnic group, let alone one specifically in Africa. Clearly some people feel inadequate when they see Asian, European and Latin American ethnic groups discuss their family’s heritage.

    • I’m one of those Black people in Massachusetts whose blood has been sampled by a nameless phlebotomist and sent out to an unknown testing facility for employment and health screening. I’m looking at an online copy of one as I write this. This blood test is titled HEMOGRAM (CBC) W AUTO DIFF RFLX MAN DIFF and it better be mine! The lab tech who who took it seemed to be well meaning and honest.

      I’ll trust the $399 DNA testing kit for African Americans that’s being promoted by Henry Louis Skip Gates and Harvards’s duBois Institute because I’ve never had it. $FREE while available is a good price. If I had an opportunity to buy it at wholesale for resale on http://www.blacksoftware.us, I’ll do that too.