2010: The Black Engineer’s situation is 4G LTE good!


So where  are the Black Engineers these days?
ans: Right here in the neighborhood.

Have you seen  the call-outs from corporate diversity recruiters for them at job fairs, career expos and newspaper want ad columns?  Then,  there is the magazine publication titled “Diversity Careers in Engineering & Information Technology”

Its latest publication arrived leading with an article titled “Women of Color find success in IT.”    Locally,  members of Boston’s Black Data Processing — don’t let the words “data processing” foolya,  because members work in marketing, financing, banking, law, accounting and other professional positions throughout the world:  Greater Boston’s Metro BDPA chapter  holds networking events around town often.

Want some FOSS? John William Templeton’s Digital Tipping Point  segment is about free open source software from  an  African American software developer’s perspective – now playing  on our online video playback system named smallwall.net.

We’ve spoken to scores of African American, African and international engineers lately who are comfortable making things happen in the Greater Boston area.

Some are building stuff for the future,  like this.

4G/Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile access technology graphic diagram
ex-Microsoft developer Don Dodge's new software dream

The community of  Roxbury is making history again. Its been a cluster test zone for LTE 4G wireless technology.

An invisible LTE 4G wireless cloud now hovers over Roxbury and Dorchester.

Imagine the possibilities!!

What’s weird?
SOME people in Dudley Square, Orchard Park, the Harrison Avenue area and near Roxbury Crossing don’t trust what test  vans are doing in their neighborhoods because they said so.

No all, but some – enough to require police detail to watch over crews testing day and night.   But this not unusual because Verizon and NSTAR hires police details for their field work crews too.

Engineers can build some products  in labs before they are  boxed, packaged and sold in shrink wrap but this is not the case for 4G/LTE wireless cell clusters because each system has to be custom fitted to the terrain where it is designed to work –  the Roxbury and Dorchester community is one laboratory chosen by Verizon, in this case.

People who  question what testers do in the vehicles may be paranoid  because  the Boston Police Department has had its problems with community relations over time. They have called testers  “the po po,” short for “police.” They think personnel  are spying  or taking down license plate numbers. They want the vans to leave.

a virtual smartphone on wheels - a new invention
not the po po

Take a look at this picture.

Personnel  in the vehicles test  the invisible RF frequency.

They do not pull up your personal identifiers and the cell phone signals they see are on entirely different frequencies than yours.

Obviously, people who have something to hide are not the target.

This blog also features a story from Nigeria’s Black Bill Gates about what the last computer will look like and ……