A Jazz Blog: Jazz beyond Jazz


Upcoming shows to be aware of, think of going, experiencing New Jazz rarely heard in metro Boston; or previewed or covered by the media but every bit legit and creative…



These are examples of some “Jazz beyond Jazz” concerts coined by Chicago Jazz writer/critic Howard Mandel, which perfectly fits the description or explanation of progressive-adventurous-avant Jazz: played by Jazz musicians who went through the traditions to arrive at a new level of the music. You’ll recognize the instruments but there’s more freer, dynamic improvisations; plus some written parts that are influenced by especially European contemporary ideas, which doesn’t rely on our traditional melodies.  And the harmonies are often dissonant, collectively playing to stretch our imaginations.

There’s rhythm, however not a 4/4 beat—it’s improvised i.e. even by the drummer—and the instruments produce their own rhythms.

There’s simply a lot more free-improvising, individually and collectively, yet still within the music’s parameter’s as it was conceived, or developed at the moments; musicians are thinking and listening to each other in a new wave of Jazz. “Urban” improvising if you will…

Jazz beyond Jazz musically tells you it comes from Jazz sensibilities, yet newer (harder?) because these Jazz artists have unlocked freedom in playing just as Charlie Parker, Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington did into John Coltrane, Cecil Taylor and The Art Ensemble of Chicago, and so on, to expand Jazz’s horizons!

Support all Live Jazz, see you there…