A local discovery & news…


A Jazz discovery:  Are you interested in a (new, to me anyway, I think to the whole community, too), a Jazz series in Brookline that…

Has no cover and offers complimentary food!  Plus a cash bar that’s VFW low(er) prices?

Check out this community effort.  Maybe not “Jazz beyond Jazz” adventurous which I attempt to interest you in, but the arrival and presence of the art form in any style that needs your curiosity and maybe presence…


Couple of other quick notes:  a wonderful and important drummer just passed away, Bob Gullotti, co-founder of the legendary Boston trio Fringe, founded more 45 years ago—that doesn’t make them old farts, they’re still incredible musicians—and holding fort every Monday night at the Lilypad in Cambridge.  He also taught at Berklee College of music.  RIP!

No matter the musical style, when a well established venue like the Mercury Café in Central Square goes on the selling block with no guarantee that a new owner will maintain a music-performance policy—corporate Cambridge investors are licking their chops, the space along with the sister restaurant attached to it, Zulu, is family owned—and now it’s a must-stop for Punk, alternative bands; however, it was  also a major stop for Jazz-beyond-Jazz musicians, Jazz’s alternatives, coming through town in the 70’s through 90’s, and I’m talking world-class musicians matching the NY scene!  What happened?

It’s left in our hands as it’s said; ears, hearts, soul…!

Alex, the Creative Music Series