We celebrate Women’s History Month by introducing a filmmaker with new short film about Black Women in the Negro Baseball Leagues


About the Fillmmaker

Disclosure: This film about Negro baseball was made by my baby sister’s daughter.

A new short film about Black women in the Negro baseball leagues of the 1950’s has been released and it is titled “Toni. Mamie. Connie.” The film was written, directed and produced by Ashleigh Gilliam,( formerly Ashleigh Curry), who also stars in the film. She went way back in time to recreate what a 1950’s baseball game was like. Filmed in Gastonia, NC, her set design recaptured the feeling of the 1950’s during the height of the Pandemic, in an old baseball stadium in her hometown. Ashleigh is not new to film and movie. At a young age when just of college, she was cast for a character role with lines by TV ONE in their network television series show titled “ATL Homicide.” The filmmaker, is a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill graduate with a Masters in Science from Southern New Hampshire University. Ashleigh has a full-time position as the Editor of the Afro Wellness magazine.

ON THIS DAY DURING WOMEN’s BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2022, BLACKBOSTON.COM Salutes Ashleigh Gilliam, filmmakeR, mother of two and homemaker extraordinarE.

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the cast of the short film about women in the Negro baseball leagues of the 1950’s titled Mamie. Tonie. Connie.

“A woman has hear dreams too. When you finish high school, they tell a boy to go out and see the world. What do they tell a girl? They tell her to go next door and marry the boy that their families picked for her. It wasn’t right. A woman can do many things.”

— Toni Stone

Marcena Toni Stone

filmmaker on the COHORT podcast