A rich black business mongul who happens to be female heads to Boston for BPC 2013.


The Fierce Urgency of Now – Black Policy Conference 2013
Defining the Challenge & Directing the Future

U.S. Senator William ‘Mo’ Cowan of Massachusetts,  Shelia Johnson, Co-Founder/CEO of Black Entertainment Television (BET),  and US Congressman Elijah Cummins are keynoting this event.

Don’t miss your chance to engage, connect, and be empowered by noted panelists and keynotes, students, policy practitioners, and professionals at the 2013 Black Policy Conference at the Harvard Kennedy School!

Join us on April 5-6, 2013  for the
9th Annual Black Policy Conference
at the Harvard Kennedy School.

Black Policy Conference


  1. Good for Sheila Johnson, but I hope someone will engage her in public discussion about how BET could rise above its current low level ambitions and really enter the big time in entertainment, news and commentary.

    • I have felt the same way you do about ‘some’ of BET’s programming in the past until I read what BET has attempted to do with serious topics. The finding is here at this link http://stateofthemedia.org/ under the African American media tab. Unfortunately those kind of shows you want to see do not get high enough ratings. Viewers turn the channel when they come on.

      Read the report at the link by Pew Research, it’s telling!

      • Thanks for such a useful link. Pretty depressing report, but I suspect the issue is a lack of imagination in developing new options. Imagine if Shonda Rhimes developed a series for BET, for example.

        It’s not a matter of the kind of shows I want to see — I want to see what’s entertaining, and I want the BET demographic given the best of what they will absolutely tune in for. What will get those ratings up? Naked female cage fighting? Go for it. Buts where’s the promo? Where’s the buzz? Grow or languish.

        • Shonda Rhimes can hit some home runs for sure. But unlike baseball teams, people will stop watching if a show ain’t good enough but they won’t stop going to Fenway Park when the team is losing. Of all the TV shows airing today on major networks, I can only think of a small handful I really look forward to watching on a regular basis. How about you?