Bostonians attended an advance screening of “The Help” movie July 7th


     The movie’s buzz factor was self evident when its fans begin to arrive a full hour earlier than the first frame was due to roll.   Screened at AMC LEOWS Boston Common 19 in a 300 seat theater, the crowd filled the space to capacity.  Viewers came with friends and groups. In the audience were teenagers and adults from every ethnic group you could imagine.  Senior citizens had elbowed their way in too–they really loved the movie. Men were in the minority.  The movie began at 7:15 and we were out of the theater at 9:30PM. Its a good one!!  Buy tickets in August when its released.


…adapted from a #1 New York Times best selling book titled “The Help,” Its about three different extraordinary women in Mississippi, who
build an unlikely friendship around a secret writing project that breaks societal rules and puts them all at risk. offers complimentary movie tickets from time to time. / click here  to signup for yours.

      click for the The Help Movie Site official site:
opens in theaters mid-August.