African American science fiction, watermelon and a future search engine.


[ New Discovery. Its a great idea to have watermelon already sliced up and lying around your workspace for snacks.  It takes no time to prepare it and it goes down easy.  I’m not sure how it became “a joke” for black people to be seen eating watermelon. Where did that come from?  Sounds like science fiction these days in the wake of society’s healthy ambitions and the rolling thunder of the Whole Foods store influence and soaring stock price. In the photo below,  watermelon slices were observed selling for $0.99 per pound at a suburban grocer. Just two weeks ago it was sixty-nice cents per pound.  At the time this article post its the second week of May in Boston now.  Soon, farm stands and melon trucks will be rolling even better prices out to the people. Its a deliciously healthy fruit. ]

watermelon prices are cutting up in supermarkets
Watermelon goes with just about anything.

open arc

Twenty-five years ago, Stafford Levon Battle, creator of the African American Science Fiction website co-founded the “City of New Elam.”

This was one of the first black web sites.

He also published the first “African American Resource Guide to the Internet and Online Services,” with Dr. Rey O. Harris himself.

McGraw-Hill put its advance  machine behind it to drive countless interviews for Mr. Battle on TV, radio and the Washington Post, LA Times,  and USA Today newspapers.  The African American online profile continues to be a valuable consumer study asset.

Stafford has local roots although he doesn’t live in Boston. He won  a full scholarship to Milton Academy in Milton, Massachusetts and  attended Brandeis University for degrees in computer science and english.

Stafford publishes an African American Science Fiction website titled
The home page opens with the question “What Makes African American Science Fiction, Black or AFROcentric?”

Future Web Search Trends

Imagine conducting a search for a black gold leafer in the Boston area and get a more than just a listing. In the future, the listing could include data about your subject pulled from online data clouds owned by Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook.  So its possible to imagine that from one Google or Bing search you’ll see Facebook photos, Twitter comments, the LinkedIN connections a web site and more about your target [ black gold leafer in Boston ] than you ever could imagine but it’s take a while to get there.

To learn more about the presentation Microsoft Online services director Qi Lu made this week in Cambridge, please click here.

Microsoft Bing Online head  discusses the future of search
Microsoft’s Online Head Qi Lu presented the future of Search