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When a summer fling evolves into something more, three teenagers are faced with a choice: Do the right thing, or lose themselves in the heat of the moment.

When Damien meets Sheila, sparks fly as a hormone-fueled first encounter turns into a whirlwind summer romance.

And, true to their carefree nature, the teenagers get all hot and heavy when they finally get some time alone. All is well after that, until Sheila starts showing signs that she might be pregnant.

Her aunt and confidant, Vivian, is the first to find out. When two pregnancy tests turn positive, the pair shares the news to Damien and his family.

But, despite their hopes, things didn’t go as planned.

Damien is promised a full scholarship to his university of choice and things start to turn sour between the young lovers.

Heartbroken and angry, Sheila is taken back to her childhood. Growing up without a dad hit her hard. And yet, despite all this, she thrived thanks to her strong, loving mother.

But, human as she is, Sheila winds up in the arms of a fervent admirer, Travis, who she vents her frustrations to.

Taking her words to heart, Travis comes up with a plan that will bring him and Sheila even closer… or so he thinks.

What does Damien have in store for him, Sheila, and her baby?

Find out for yourself in “Jailed by Lust – Released by Love” by Gerard C. Cole.


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