BECMA kicked $100,000 in cash grants out to Black-owned restaurants and foodservice providers


The first time somebody gave a whole lot of Black-owned restaurants cash money to replace lost revenues just happened in Boston!

(June 16, 2021) – Today, BECMA announced the awarding of over $100,000 to twenty-three (23) Black-owned restaurants & foodservice providers. In light of the recent devastating court decision to halt payments from the SBA Restaurant Revitalization Fund to priority candidates, we know this support is critical to helping the capacity-building efforts of these businesses. The funding was made possible by the generous contributions of Berkshire Bank and The Boston Foundation, and dispersed in partnership with the Business Equity COVID-19 Emergency Fund (BECEF).

These grants are part of our ongoing effort to advocate for and support Black businesses across the Commonwealth. Last Tuesday, June 8th, we convened local business owners for a roundtable discussion with Secretary Michael Kennealy, Larry Andrews, President & CEO of the Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation (MGCC), and other staff members from the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development to explore solutions to the many challenges that Black businesses faced before and during the pandemic, as well as new challenges they are experiencing as the state fully reopens.

As the Commonwealth celebrates Juneteenth, the day that marks when enslaved peoples in Galveston Bay, Texas were the last to learn of the end of chattel slavery in the United States, and as state and local officials debate how to apportion billions of dollars in federal funds, we call on them to set aside a significant amount for investment in Black businesses and entrepreneurs. For, the pandemic has made clear that the health and well-being of Massachusetts is directly tied to the health and well-being of the Black community.

Thank you, William. We look forward to keeping you updated and engaged with us as we continue our push to grow Black businesses and people across the Commonwealth.

June 16, 2021