BECMA masters the virtual expo idea.


Did you get to the BECMA MASS BLACK EXPO 2020 or the Black Enterprise magazine Entrepreneur’s Summit this past Saturday? They were active at the same time. This linked to Becma and this one linked to the Black Enterprise Magazine Summit.

I hope the content is still on the cloud when you make it in. The Becma expo and Black Enterprise Entrepreneur’s virtual summits shined. There was no need to cut out and send a “tear sheet” to a paid sponsor who was interested in knowing what their brand looked like in the placements with the shows. The lobbies displayed accurate branding for sponsors and most expo pages prominently display their branding and tracked clicks on each brand. posted an article titled #MassBlackExpo set the stage for Mass Black Wealth-Building in 2020 when it was physically held at the Boston Convention and Exposition Center on the Seaport, as seemingly every Asian MBA student in the Northeast were attending a different expo wearing all black suits. That expo was hosted by Big 8 consulting and accounting firms in the building.

I enjoyed visiting BECMA’s and Black Enterprise magazine’s virtual conferences held the same day this year at the same time. They were as good as an in-person live experience could have been. But they were more convenient to attend. Both were free and both were accessible from cellphone, tablet or bigger screen computer. The Black Enterprise use of pre-recorded video presentations worked well. So, if you missed a topic segment, the recorded video was always present, so you could see a presentation anytime you had time to get there without missing any of it. You have seen Direct TV and cable set top boxes work that way when picking shows and TV episodes with the recorder.

The software platforms and applications running the conferences are not voice-actuated yet. Total automation has a ways to go. Imagine yourself as a presenter who would tell the computer by voice to compile all your video, text, powerpoints and multimedia about your topic into conference ready presentations without having to click a mouse. Users could command the machine to go get all the content in virtual conferences on the internet that are about subjects you like and show them for review. As computer processors ( like the Mac M1) evolve, they’ll have the cpu core processing and AI power to save humans from the work of pushing buttons and changing screens.

At MASS BLACK EXPO 2020, content and presentations were well illustrated and LIVE. The audio and video was great An audience of 500-700 was present. Every attendee that registered was able to see who else had registered. A registrant could broadcast a message to the entire audience or they could choose an individual to message direct in a private chat room. This messaging feature was important. BIPOC people adore chat channels. The direct electronic messaging feature removed any barrier one might have had when they wanted to talk to another attendee. Some people will not do a cold meet greet in person. Its a networking tactic some people master well, and some people don’t, but at Mass Black Expo, there was no barrier to approaching someone in the audience.

BECMA Main Stage event playback was on the level of broadcast television show. The series of interactive workshops lead by panels were adorable. An always on and accessible digital library was used to store downloadable files, forms, presentations and the materials workshop leaders offered in live sessions. Vendors were able to brand digital booths with explanations of their offerings and each vendor had a private message board so if they were out when you went to their booths, you could post a direct message to them and they got back to you later.

Covid-19 social distancing policy had no impact on how well these events delivered to their respective audiences.

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