Berklee College Youtube music channel logs new video series titled “TwoTrack,” featuring Berklee students.


On the play back they get ONE microphone with continuous camera takes.

Berklee’s music video series Two Track features the college’s student artists and musicians in an intimate setting with only one microphone and continuous camera takes.

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Cinya Khan opened the spring semester of the Two Track series on January 5th with a performance of her original song “Movies” and a cover of Allen Stone’s single “Bed I Made” from his 2021 album Apart. The 20-year-old began writing songs after her family moved to South Florida when she was 14. In between her set, she tells a story of confronting a conflict in a relationship during the pandemic that resulted in personal growth and resolution for both her and her friend. The professional music major and junior at Berklee College of Music uses lyrics and melodies as a means to communicate the things that are hard to say aloud. She’s currently working on her debut EP.

Drummer Cavon Brown performs “Shed Away” by internationally renowned English drummer Kaz Rodriguez accompanied by drummer E.J. Mitchell. He also performed solo to Justin Timberlake’s “Let the Groove Get In.” A percussionist from Baltimore, Maryland, Brown has worked with industry artists, both secular and gospel, showcasing his talent for a variety of musical genres. Recently, the drummer has begun to take the time to be introspective in finding out his purpose in life, outside of music. In between his performance, he shared that his daily goal is “to try different things and see what I love, see what I don’t like and try to build myself and try to build the pieces together.”

Caitlin Otto will wrap up this month’s Two Track schedule on Wednesday, January 26, performing “Violon” by French composer and pianist Francis Poulenc, and Barbra Streisand’s 1963 ballad “Cry Me A River.” A student at Boston Conservatory at Berklee, Otto is a third-year vocal performance major studying classical music, who also aspires to be an R&B/soul artist. With a strong belief in her dreams and in herself, she has worked hard to become a featured singer and background vocalist in Berklee’s Beyoncé Ensemble.

Each recording session will revolve around a single theme that is expressed by the artist either through their track selection or a short storytelling segment that will be recorded as part of the performance. January’s theme is “resolution,” with February focusing on “empowerment,” and March on “equality.”