BET Music Awards Show hit home run


Soul Train’s Don Cornelius moment was a highlight, I think.  Later, as the Ojay’s stretched out, you could see the younger artists taking notes and learning some new things from watching them perform.

Imagine the pressure BET producers  must have been under to change plans so quickly and come back with a nice tribute to Michael Jackson’s legacy within two short days.   Add in the humanitarian segments and the Jacksons appearances and it was all good.

Jay-Z’s statement song about  auto-tune philosphy added an interesting twist.  That song  reminded me of what one of Michael Jackson’s producers had said during one of the many CNN / Larry King Live reports.  Michael had asked the producer “why can’t we make a new musical instrument and use that.”

Interesting thought!


  1. Boston was blessed by having The Color Purple musical in town June 16 to the 28th..

    Yes, it was indeed a love story, ultimately. If you missed it, you missed something! I remember a comment given to me by a black Bank of Boston service manager when I asked if she was going as the show was heading into town.

    She said ” I remember the movie and the book but I may not go see it because I may be reminded of some horrible things and get mad.” Well, I hope she had a chance to see it. I’m sure it would have melted away her suspicions. The night we went, the audience as abuzz with delight. I heard many say they wanted to see it again.

    Kudos are to be given to MSG Entertainment and the Citi Center for Performing Arts at the Wang for bringing this culturally sensitive show downtown and providing the community with benefits such as specially priced tickets, the teachers educational guide and special access to the behind the scenes action, and more. Your community outreach efforts were important. Bring more like this to town, will you? Also, kudos to Spectrum Boston for funding 1,000 ticket purchases for people without the means to afford them.

    The show now rolls on to Washington, D.C. and beyond.

    When it gets to your town, go.