A great photo taken by a Black Boston community organization representing itself


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Black Market hit the ground running with a successful series of vendor pop up shops a few years ago. Meeting in Blair Lot near the the Black Market building, were members and friends of the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts and the UJIMA Project, with Live Life Like a Local Tours, who partnered with the Boston Black Heritage Tour and Transportation Bus Agency, to charter a 55 PAX motor coach bus to go shopping and support Black-owned businesses on Martha’s Vineyard.

Since the 13 states created the United States of America, its Afro-Americans have proven the business model for pop-up and network shopping experiences for over 200 years.    Before Black Market had their success, we saw organizations such as the Black Pages of New England and MAVENworld by Anna Dancy Foster, book the Reginald Lewis Track & Athletic Center and area hotel event spaces to host their Black business popups.

During the Pandemic of 2020, the Black-owned Bos organization emerged to move the Black pop-up stores around to include locations on Newbury street, Somerville, the Seaport, Dedham Mall and retail space in the South End.

Black Market Nubian has evolved from pop up store hosts into a variety of popular crowd drawing events & activities. These include producing the LARGEST BLACK LIVES MATTER painting on a city street in New England, a 50-year anniversary event of the Hip Hop generation, Black Joy celebration events, art gallery craft shows, public art display murals, reggae concerts, poetry slams, community development workshops and public meetings; and a notable multi-million-dollar real estate ownership development in Nubian Square.