Black Concord history


African-American history told about Concord on this 90 minute walking tour (about 2 miles). The tour will visit sites highlighting Concord’s history around enslavement, the first generation of self emancipated African-Americans and  the growth of Abolitionism. Guests will visit sites that tell the story of John Jack, Brister Freeman and Concord’s heroic native son Pvt. George  Washington Dugan  who served  in one of the first African American regiments of the Civil War. 

THE TAKEAWAY: Guests will learn about how families like the Robbins, Garrisons and Hutchinsons strived to support themselves on the land and in the town  and worked to shape their own destinies as free men and women.

This tour can be a 90 minute walking tour or a 90 minute biking tour which visits sites further away from town. The tour departs from the Visitor Center at 58 Main Street.

African-American History of Concord, MA Bike Tour Hours: Monday-Sunday 9 am to 4 pm. Daily tour each day at 1pm with no reservations needed. Private tours available year round. The Tourism Manager is available all year long by appointment, by phone at 978-287-1064 or by email at Public Bathrooms are open Daily 7 am to 7 pm all year long