P3 Parcel Black Wealth Building Team Plans Major Project.


Right about July 2021 after public street protests for equity, Justice and inclusion went by their offices, the Boston Business Journal news magazine woke up and saw the billion dollar GDP we Blacks and BIPOC people are producing in Boston.


Black and Brown/ skinned people began to appear in their printed publication with more frequency than ever before

I like it!! Kelly Chunn had been telling them for years how bad it looks to not invmyded Blacks in their stories because the publication is well read, but not many their readers are aware of. The State Banner reader knows what’s up.

There has been story after story featuring Blacks such as Marie Firmin, Sheena Collier, Segun and other Black entrepreneurs and corporate staff. js produce in Greater Bostin need mags I r

There’s just such momentum now,” said Tishman Speyer managing director Jessica Hughes, citing the Nubian Square Ascends project as an example. “It’s the right time. But I do think everything that we’ve proposed is what we are sure we can execute.”

The developers are teaming with other minority-led enterprises, including Frugal Bookstore and Boston While Black, which would have retail and community spaces at the development. They would also partner with the Museum of African American History to create an on-site museum focused on Roxbury.