Boston Asians, Blacks and Hispanics makeup 53% of Boston’s population. And, leaders hope to …


Get the mayor’s and city council’s support for a redistricting plan that reunites Mattapan and provides constituents of Mattapan with the same level of respect given to constituents in other neighborhoods such as Chinatown, South Boston, and Mission Hill.

Urge  all councilors and the mayor  to support a plan that creates five districts of Color.  Currently only four districts are majority People of Color. The idea will potentially create more city elected councilors of color than it has ever been before!

Get the new redistricting map to  reflect the reality of 2012, in which People of Color makeup 53 percent of Boston’s population. The 2010 Census shows Boston’s population is 53 percent People of Color and 47 percent White; yet Whites have the majority of the City Council districts.

… and they wish to disrupt this current (2012) situation where People of Color are the majority of the population fighting for the minority of the elected council seats, says the office of Mattapan councillor Yancey.

Councillor Yancey
(617) 635-3131


police officer walking the beaten path
walking the beaten path

Be sure to read the Coalition of Color’s article titled
“Don’t Pack 4,  Don’t Crack 2” on
the South End Patch  newspaper site  about this
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signed by Eric Esteves, activist and
photographer;   Sean Daughtry, Political Action Chair NAACP – Boston Branch; Lydia Lowe, Executive Director, Chinese Progressive Association;  Cheryl Clyburn Crawford & Avi Green, Co-­‐Directors, MassVOTE ; Alejandra St. Guillen, Executive Director, Oiste?;  and Mariama White-Hammond, Executive Director, Project HIP-HOP.