Boston Banner finds funding. State is fixing the Tunnel.


Can Ya Dig It?
It was July 18th, Saturday morning when  we read that Boston’s invaluable  African-American owned newspaper had made news again with the headline    “Bay State Banner to accept city’s loan offer” in the Boston Globe’s business section.

It was a good day for the Banner and Boston’s Black community!

We don’t read the Globe everyday but we read it often enough and its   Saturday edition is often full of surprises. This Banner story was a good one.  Yeay!

Now on another unrelated note….

The paper’s legal notice page printed  an announcement that may appeal to minority-owned construction contractors.

It was about the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority invitation for bids on Contract #094-581 which is an order for work described as “Ted Williams Tunnel Ceilings Remediation and Anchor Testing” and the bid  is open to everyone who can do this kind of gig.

Remember,  this may include  part of the section where the  tunnel ceiling  fell, but I have no idea if it does.

Interested contractors may  contact the Office of Contract Administration at the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority as soon as possible.

Bids are due August 5th, 2009 at 10:30 a.m.,
address: John T. Driscoll Building, 668 South Avenue, Weston,MA.

The Turnpike Bid offer  is valued at $1.8 mil.