The Dinner Group Live Streaming Event 2023


Livestream the Dinner Group sessions on Tuesday, September 6th.

One of the easiest ways to break into a Boston network of Black professionals who may be business owners, corporate managers, artists, c-suite leaders, sports related, finance gurus, or government and non-profit movers and shakers, is to check out The Dinner Group, Inc.

The Boston Men’s Dinner Group has convened men of color for over 20 years. Events are designed to exchange ideas and make a positive impact on the lives of young men of color. The Dinner Group, Inc. (TDG) is open to both men and women of color. 

The 2023 Men of Color Conference is over and it was a huge success.

If you are a LinkedIn user, search on the keyword MEN OF COLOR BOSTON to pull up comments from attendees and speakers at MICO 2023.

Men of Color Conference Omni Boston Hotel Seaport

SEPT 6, 2023
free event

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