But we are being hit with a virus. 350,000 college student residents in Boston have been told to “go home” and stay for a while. That’s new! In London today, the grocery stores and supermarkets have been emptied of pasta, rice, and grain. It could happen here.

Boston is a proven disaster-handling town. It knows how to shut itself down, focus on a problem, fix it and open back up. Let’s hope the technicians who engineered the last big problem-solve, left the roadmap we need to get through the coronavirus threat. We are supporting medical and social researchers to help them improve outcomes.

It would be great if the lowest-paid hospital and medical facility workers receive guaranteed pay if they have to stay home when they don’t feel good.

If all the stores and restaurants shut down it would feel like the early a. m. hours do now when the town is still in the bed. It shuts down hard by 12 midnight. Restaurant food servings stop after 10 p.m. There is a trace of activity but it is slow. A few people are on the sidewalks. Streets are mostly empty of cars. This quiet period goes on every day from 11 p.m. until six o’clock a.m. in Boston. We are used to it!

And most of us can’t wait until the next morning to see the new world. It is a good thing it is about to get warm in Boston. People will go out more. Massachusetts parks and natural resources will be there if commercial attractions, event spaces, and cultural shows are shut down.

What else? A new President? Movie houses will be suspect. The beaches may offer some refuge. Drive the scenic routes if you can do it to pass time. Kids will want to play outside when schools close. Buy them bicycles. You might be staying at home longer then you had imagined. You’ll work from home, online education, teach yourself digital business tricks, or write or create, or get lost on social media. Learn about the MOOCs. A Wall Street downturn is a good time to pick up some stock bargains. Hold them for the kids for a while. If we came into a recession, jobs will be scarce. Real estate prices are affected.

Bicycles may re-enter our lives in ways we have not seen before in the city. Delivery startups? Bike-rides-for hire? Blue Bikes may see more usage.

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