Music Concert Hit. Boston Calling makes a Harvard property more cool than the dorm room where Facebook was built.


The sidewalk on JFK street filled with pedestrian traffic Friday afternoon. Everyone was walking toward the river away from the center of Harvard Square. The draw: BOSTON CALLING, a music festival set up for Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Harvard Athletic Complex in Allston, MA. With precision, festival producers Boston Calling Events LLC, backed by owner Crash Line Productions and The Madison Square Garden Company transformed the space into a lifestyle galaxy of stellar sensations.

Notable restaurants were serving. Fine wine, good drinks, and gourmet bites were selling. The Boston Calling staff was attentive, efficient and polite. Ticket holders had NFL quality astroturf under their feet. It seduced many to lay upon it in a mindfulness state. They looked satisfied! To top it off, there were light shows, precision amplified sound stations delivering the music, clear video screens showing stage action, a merry go round ride, games to play, food tastings and amenities to keep you comfortable while 55 bands and acts performed from four stages. All stages were accessible at any time.

Musically speaking there were so many quality musicians, bands and performers to listen to that you could just throw your Spotify playlist away for 3 days, or better yet use the Boston Calling music lineup to make a better playlist for your app. Even if you did not attend the concert in person but you need good music in your life, my advice to you is to go here to check the Boston Calling lineup, take down the names of the Bands then instruct your Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Tidal or whatever favorite music supply app you are using, to play music from the bands.

The talent buyers did well selecting the lineup. Can you imagine how many bands could have been there but didn’t make the cut? The scheduling equation on events of this magnitude is complex. While some news outlets are reporting that the event failed to sign local Boston band talent to the lineup, festival management didn’t dodge that bullet. They said, they considered it, the intent was there, but logistically speaking it didn’t work out this year the Boston Globe learned. So perhaps the next time, event producers will plug in local musicians, period.