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    Black Tour Bus
    Black Tour Bus

    Get bus quotes from us for a charter bus deal, private group bus, van or SUV trips and shuttle bus service. Request an airport transfer to your hotel or meeting center. Your must pre-book as early as you can for the benifits of a locked in price and guarantee of availability when the day comes that you need the bus.

    .Book a bus you need with us, the Heritage Tour and Bus Transportation Company. We have been operating this website to provide information sharing and community services and one-on-one concierge for over 10 years.

    Our Black-owned bus company business developed over Five years. In 2018, we booked our first carry. It was 40 Brighton High School students going away to a museum and a big, luxurious motor coach. They ordered the route back-to-back.

    Since then, we took a Pandemic break from 2019-into 2020. When the governor declared it was time for business as usual, we hit it. We’ve booked bioscience companies, big and busy community non-profits, the teacher’s union executive administration, a large church group from South Carolina, Black tourists from Baltimore, and many, many other groups. We have sold African American Heritage Tour of Boston, and we’ve sold pure bus transportation without the tour.

    BostonMurrell, LLC is an African American owned corporation and producer of this website.

    CONTACT Sales at or call 617-

    TEXT “Hello” to (617) 340-8803 for instant ballpark Bus price estimates.

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