Front Porch Arts Collective

    Black theatre company
    Black theatre company

    The Front Porch Arts Collective is a black theatre company committed to advancing racial equity in Boston through theater.

    The Porch is…

    A communal gathering place.
    For nearly a decade, Boston has existed without a professional black theatre company employing artists of color and demanding the consideration of the major news outlets in Greater Boston. Boston’s reputation as an unwelcoming and racist city, featured prominently in a seven-part Spotlight series in the Boston Globe, highlighted issues of structural racism, including the visible cultural segregation in the arts. As a black theater company committed to rewriting those narratives, our namesake signifies a communal spirit, inspiring us to serve communities of color and produce art that is inclusive of all communities and welcoming to all audiences, to inspire a more tolerant and inclusive Boston.  


    • Examine the interactions between race, culture, economics, ability, gender, and sexuality from the lens of people of color
    • Challenge the biased narratives toward people of color in America
    • Retain diverse talent by increasing representation on stage, back stage, in the office, and in the boardroom
    • Train the next generation of people of color theater artists ready to address social change through theater
    • Produce exciting theatre with integrity and high artistic standards

    Cultural Inclusion. Community Advancement. Impactful Legacy.


    The Front Porch Arts Collective is 501c3 Non-profit organization in residence at The Huntington Theatre Company, 
    560 Harrison Avenue, Suite 504 
    Boston, MA 02118

    Membership Level: BLACK

    Categories: Black Art

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    560 Harrison Ave.
    Boston, Massachusetts 02118 United States

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