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Tawakal Halal Cafe

Known very well for their versatile hot sauce, use it on everything! Its an East African inspired invention.


Categories: RestaurantRestaurants

TEK Building Services, Inc.

Janitorial, painting and landscaping services

(781) 767-0510


Categories: JanitorialPainting

The Coast Café

Soul food made in Cambridge, MA


Categories: FoodRestaurantRestaurants


High energy personal training and group work out options for busy people on the go!

617 477 8517 (Main)


Categories: Fitness

The LOFT Medford Hair Studio

A studio of experts for Curly Hair, Black hair and hair care needs.

781-583-1109 (Office)


Categories: Hair care and Beauty ShopLocal Shops

The Williams Agency

Nicola Williams and the Williams Agency produces the Boston Jerkfest, the Vermont Jerkfest, the Hyper-local Craft Brewfest and Local Craft Spirit Festival, and the Boston Local Food Festival.

(617) 395-7680 (Main)


Categories: Food supplierRestaurantServicesWOMEN-owned

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