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Wee Care JP

Early education center, connected to a National Directory of early childhood education centers. ( could not verify ethnicity from website page)

(617) 522-7901


Categories: Childcare

Wiseiye, Inc.

IT project management: network administration; technology certification training; data analytics and modeling; business process analysis; business process improvement

(857) 251-5191 (Main)


Categories: ITSoftwareSystems Analysis

Women In The Industry, Inc.

Residential and Commercial General Contractor Specializing Drywall and Taping, Rough and Finished Carpentry; Landscaping Services; Painting and Flooring; Transportation of Commercial and Residential Petroleum Fuel Including: #2, #4 and #6 Heating Oil, Gas and Diesel, Site Preparation Work and Utilities, Excavation, Water and Sewer and Drainage, Asphalt and Paving and Concrete Finish Work and Hauling […]

(617) 333-0070

Categories: PaintingWOMEN-owned

Word Up Enterprises

Graphic arts, screenprinting and embroidery

(508) 345-8245

Categories: Advertising Marketing Public RelationsApparel ClothingPrintingProducts

Wyman Gordon Engineering

Wyman Gordon is committed to hiring, promoting and transferring employees without regard to race, religion, color, national origin (where a person was born), sex, age, ancestry (ethnic heritage), citizenship, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, or any other reason prohibited by law. Decisions as to hiring, promoting or transferring employees should be based solely upon job-related qualification



Categories: Employers Hiring BlackBoston.com Readers

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