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When people have questions about Boston, We Respond. We handle all question types. Let’s take a look at some incoming questions that arrived recently. Q:” where are photos of Nightclubs in Boston or Roxbury from the ’50s and ’60s?”; “where can I find a Black mason for outdoor cement/paving work?”; “Looking for Restaurant Recommendations for a Group of 100 people in October”?

Black Tours

We sell Black Heritage riding and walking tours. Selections draw from the presence of 200 historical sites all across the city, made by Boston’s Early African and Blacks of today. The other Black Heritage Trail is managed by the National Park Service with 14 stops only on Beacon Hill.

Black-owned businesses

People are looking to buy from Black businesses. They need carpenters, fence repairs, lawncare, brick masonry work, plumbing, and the skilled trades listed here by category. Boston Black Businesses List

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Thank you. We look forward to sending you Request for Quotes from new customers seeking to buy from Black-owned businesses in the Online Directory. I'm your contact. Sincerely, William Murrell, Producer (617) 417-7456


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