Did Renee Loth read every word of the Massachusetts initiative to regulate marijuana like alcohol?


Just read her op-ed in her paper, the Boston Globe. She says do not legalize marijuana for retail to persons over 21 in the state of Massachusetts.

She’s okay with medical marijuana, but she thinks the state can’t handle forming a Cannabis Commission that will license 75 marijuana retail stores and their supply chain.

Renee Loth does important work at the Boston Globe.

I’m not sure of her title today but it was not so long ago when she sat t the paper with a very small group during election cycles and made all the political endorsement decisions –  telling you who to vote for and insuring that her pick was front page Boston Globe masthead news.

I won’t bother to cite the Globe sheet link to her article  because you’re going to hear very loud versions of Renee’s  Just say No campaign from the governor and mayor of Massachusetts and Boston.

If passed, the new law will allow an individual to grow a few plants at home for personal use and it will limit their legal possession to one ounce of marijuana.

Regulating marijuana prints money for the state and provides consumers with a catalog of product  choices.

Read the ballot question text they don’t want you to approve.

Source: https://www.regulatemassachusetts.org/news

It only seems fair to lift the prohibition on marijuana because it was lifted for alcohol.