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Boston fashion made by Bostonians and people from Boston Massachusetts is holding its own, but due to the competitive forces of the Internet, controlled distribution, current market leadership positions and impact of globalization, leading fashion brands sell far more product and rake in incomprehensibly more cash than local made-in-Boston apparel makers ever collectively will.

Boston fashion school entries
a Copley Place display by students of fashion

Global Brands: CONVERSE,VANS,TORY BURCH,OLYMPIA,REI brand, ReeBok, NIKE, Michael Kors MK, APPLE have all carved out their spot in your head while you shop the stores. You are likely going to buy one of three brands already in your consideration set. You will never buy a brand you haven’t heard of – unless, friends insist or the price is irresistable. Oh, you might buy it anyway just as you pick-up random things while shopping but you won’t pay top dollar for a product you know nothing about.

Positioning Problem #1: How does a Boston fashion reseller rise above the rest? Well, it depends on who they can reach, how much luck they have, how much marketing spend or equivalent free publicity they get and where they are physically too.

STYLE BOSTON the TV show learned all too quickly that its quite expensive getting marketshare and keeping it.

BOSTON MAGAZINE published a CHINESE version in August 2015. Sold in Simon Mall by the Barnes and Nobles bookstore, the firm is targeting affluent Asian Bostonians who read and speak Chinese.

From what we’ve seen, Boston made ladies dresses sell for about $250 and up if sold by visibily, seemingly well funded shops and designers spread from the South End to enclaves and speciality shops offline across the region. Some are online only. The draw of sites by 19th Admendment and private sales operators are adjusting to niche markets.

Boston Competitors:Sales of sports apparel favoring Boston teams and Ivy League academic brands are substantial. The leading resellers are Boston Red Sox sports apparel, New England Patriots jerseys, hats and jackets, the distribution capacity of Massachusetts-based 47 Brands in licensing sports apparel, the Harvard Coop souvenir items. Giving the Boston fashion industry spikes in revenue size are the global players NEW BALANCE, Reebok, BAA or the Boston Athletic Association brand line, and Dunkin Donuts – some Americans really do wear Dunkin Donuts apparel.

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