Government is a hard thing to administer


up is where we are going PRESIDENT OBAMA is on air now.

..  air like tv, net and radio.

It is February 24, 2009 @10:07
p.m Eastern.

He stood  before Congress.
Goose bumps all across the nation
are rising.

Supposedly, its an economic mess out here.

BOA IRA accounts pay 2.10% over 18 months and  Government secured.
Just left Circuit city at South Bay.  They bankrupt. All things in store are gone. The cashier playing Hip Hop Rap on the Boom box wasn’t disturbed. She said “well, we gonna be here till March, they told me, or wheneva all this stuff gets sold…..”

I tried to buy a bikers bag. She told me it ain’t coming up in inventory. Can’t sell it to ya, she said. Yarn!
OBAMA’S SPEECH: Limbaugh producers are taking down notes. Imus will have a better  show tomorrow though.  The allies are listening. Terrorists are too. The closing message in the speech is coming soon.  R&B, NuJazz and other artist call it “the outro.”  Well, its done now.

Quick Save
the pundits on air tv are talking. Interesting.

Obama’s  lead was important. Choke. Bailout. School. Bank. Secondary Market. Roseveltian. Emerge. Strong.

Not a State of the Union address…. or was it?

Speaking into the middle,
Saw McCain
Ron Emanuel was there with the swish of humanity…

Chairman of the Fed was on the Hill today. Concerned.

Rare Positive Session of the Dow. It went up 200 points,  oh wow!

This story continues. Why bailout banks. [The Bank of America has been sued before all this. Yep, its a class action thing about those $35 charges resulting in so many people going negative when comparing ATM balance, to Web Balance to whatever the real balance was.]  Research the net, learn more about it – its current and if you are a BOA customer – you’ll get some bucks back for sure, if you join the class…

Speech is over now.

“A Democracy is a hard thing to administer!”

Isn’t that right?

P.S. GOP response opens with “Happy Mardi Gras”!