Great Black Music…Ancient to the Future


A discovered article /review in that establishment paper, The New York Times which compared to other market place publications discounting Jazz magazines, blogs and online such entries, does a decent job in revealing how Jazz can still be (socially/racially) historical and important though not known about much, which isn’t surprising I think, the real music isn’t commercial and focus always seems to be on popularity, not artistry/a message through sound…

I hope you’ll be able to open the link. If not, leave a comment. I suggest paying a little attention when you get in, to the caption of the article picture you’ll see, because it was taken decades ago in Boston of all beautiful Jazz (beyond) Jazz artists performing rather loosely yet purposefully I’m thinking at the South Street Seaport. Musicians of legendary status including Sun Ra, really telling live viewers then and now, to me anyway, they were in Boston because it was a hot bed of adventurous Jazz to come up and play in–that’s quite a gathering of creative musicians!–and carrying the thought to the next level, why did it disappear and can it be revived even just one musician at a time? It’s relevant now, too, “Liberation” speaking to Black Lives Matter! Here goes: