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Tuesday, Nov 12th
Strong Drug Legislation reaches Massachusetts Legislature. #WakeupForHealth

Help Bring it home

The Senate has heard us all 836 and counting — STRONG prescription drug reform legislation is finally here, and the Senate vote is this Thursday. But it’ll sink if we let Big Pharma’s voice go unchallenged. So let’s get ready to rise up again for healing!

This bill is worth fighting for, and now our allies in the Senate need our help. The pharmaceutical lobby hates this bill. We need to counter the voices of special interests and make sure our Senators stand strong for health care reform — and that’ll take phone calls. Lots, and lots, and LOTS of phone calls before the vote on Thursday.

Here is a call script you can use to call your Senator between now and Wednesday morning. On Wednesday, we will send a new call script when we know what amendments big pharma is pushing to weaken the bill. Also, tell your health care captain if you can join us in the Senate Gallery at the State House any time on Thursday. For more information about the bill, here is Senator Friedman’s summary of the bill and our press statement.

We raised our voices at our action last week, now it’s time to bring it home in the Senate.

We’re moving, GBIO!

Michael Rubenstein & Bonny Gilbert
Greater Boston Interfaith Organization Health Care Action Team Co-chairs