Here are the Blacks attracting the largest base of African-American consumer engagement in America.


scene from  African-American Student Union conference on  April 7 and  Boston – you were invited!

Seated from left to right facing you:  Janice Tennant, IMP Manager, Kimberly Clark Corporation (Kotex, Huggies, Kleenex) etc.;  Kahil Byrd, President of and the 2005 key Deval Patrick for Governor PR Strategist;  Fay Ferguson, Co-CEO Burrell Communications and CD of the McDonald’s “McFishey” campaign and if you’ve seen Rapheal Saddick and Idris Elba in Toyota tv ad spots, you’ve seen her work and Carol Cunningham,  Vice President – Consumer Insights,  BET Networks.

The TakeAway:  targeting multicultural audiences in America changes the Mad Men game.   Panelists held the view that investing in social media is experimental and will produce a  result but it is NOT  as predictable as radio and tv impacts have been on a target demographic.

Black marketing and advertisi8ng