Houses are selling on the market. Takes some smarts to get a good deal.


We’re seeing most Boston area single family houses on sale last from 29-45 days  on average until the For Sale Sign becomes a “Sale Pending” Sign. Many homes for sale are located on traffic heavy avenues and street intersections which suggests that better located homes cost a lot more or simply aren’t that available.  

Perhaps people tired of the traffic noise and associated problems are ditching those poorly located houses

A plethora of renter tenants are being stressed out over rent increases, landlord foreclosures, poorly managed properties and the lack of time to find a better deal.

A remarkable number of moderate to middle income priced apartments are always available. 

But in some locations offering market rate units, your applications have to compete against others. 

This  may be where rankings like FICO score, employer and income become more important selection factors but it’s not obvious what method a commercial rate rentor uses to judge a potential renter in these competitive situations. 

Certainly when your household income is 3x or more than the rent being charged, it helps.

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At the new Oxford Ping On Apartment building opening in Chinatown in December, of 67 total units in various sizes,  48 must go to those making between $20,000 and $59,000 income. 
The rest will be rented at market rates of  over $2,000+/mo depending on room sizes. There are over 500 applicants for all of it. Yhe deadline to apply is December 16.

( An affordable apartment rental lottery deadline is not to be missed. 

Here’s where we post applications. ) 

We’re seeing fast turnover trending  in the suburbs. It is not clear how hot the triple decker market is in the heavily populated neighborhoods of Dorchester where they rein tall side by side with barely 10 feet between them. 

This ears some very big and old units. Must be monsters to maintain and hear. Solar panels seem to be showing up everywhere.

Up a steep hill near a hospital in Dorchester up above Washington St Uphrams Corner are a multitude of huge triple deckers. Most converted from owner occupied house to triple condo during the mid 2000s. 

An owner bought two of them ready to use side by side in the 02125 zip code area for  $125k each in the 90s. 

A condo conversion wave kicked in mid 2000. Asking prices rose as high as $700k for just one of them, then boom–  values substantially dropped in 2007-2010. Now those two deckers are six condos sold in the  $255-$325,000 range.

But why are so many of the affordable priced Olmstead Homes Development two and three family houses still sitting unsold? 

People say they weren’t built very well? At least that’s the rumour on the street but what does that mean,

One would think any of the $230,000 brand new Olmstead Green houses are better deals than the shiny new tiny small 2- Bedroom rental units in new developments like the Urban Edge  penned Jackson Square rental building property.

Renters in Dorchester’s Adams Village ain’t going for the price hike hits.  A lady told us her landlord is moving up rent to $1590.00 a month from $1,400ish over there in and  “she ain’t paying that” she said and is considering Olmstead Green now that she knows where it is.