How to get the extra stimulus checks to families with kids.


President Biden’s White House has ordered Treasury to send more checks. They are sending $250 or $300 per child in your family household. If they are 5 years old or below, the parent or guardian gets $300 per child if the IRS knows how to send it to you.

Never filed a tax return? No Problem. This is the link for that if you live in Massachusetts.

Don’t know how to check on your stimulus payment status? No problem, this is the link for that.

For questions or if you want someone to talk to about this, the BOSTON MEDICAL CENTER StreetCred Program is open to help.

StreetCred at BMC offers expert, virtual tax filing to ensure you get your tax refund and stimulus payments. If you haven’t filed, it’s not too late! For questions, please email or call 617-414-5170. 

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The New Child Tax Credit- If you have a child ages 17 and under you may be eligible for $3000 (ages 6-17) or $3600 (ages 0-5) per child this year. Beginning in July, eligible families will receive half of the child tax credit in 6 monthly payments of $250 (ages 6-17) or $300 (ages 0-5) per child. The other half of the child tax credit will be claimed on the family’s 2021 US tax return next year.

Eligibility: The child must live with you and be your dependent, the child needs an SSN, income limit of $75,000/$150,000 per household.

*If you are undocumented but have U.S. citizen kids, new legal changes can help your family. You can apply for an ITIN number that allows you to file tax returns and request significant credits for your kids. StreetCred can help you connect with Greater Boston Legal Services to decide whether this is the right step for you and your family, and to apply for an ITIN should you choose to do so. You can also contact us at 617-414-5170 or email