InnerCityPOP drives revenue to Black business owners


Black Boston businesses shouldn’t take a single customer engagement opportunity for granted. It hurts when nobody shows up to buy what you have to offer. #BuyBlack buyers exist. The Black Boston GDP is over two billion a year.

Retailers, ETSY site publishers, the PINTEREST entrepreneur, the popup store aficionado, Black Boston shopkeepers, MBE Enterprises, startup founders, indie creatives – none of you should experience an empty customer day.

When that happens a lot, something is wrong. One suspect to blame is Advertising! Another is market fit.

InnerCityPOP a tart.
follow the leaders (beta)

Advertising is defense, not offense. Advertising helps you stop customers from going the other way. But it has to pierce the buyer’s consideration set to become effective. When they see your brand or service they already have 3 other brands under consideration. Buyers shop around. You are in a buyer’s market. Always! The buyer controls the transaction.

So advertising is spray and pray, meaning, the publisher hopes a viewer will respond to the ad impression in a way that creates a meaningful action on behalf of the Black Boston business. The customer may respond when their consideration set is empty, which is rarely the case. This is why BANNER ads don’t work so well. SPAM mail is annoying as well.

Advertisements do not optimize the purchasing funnel. It is a Spray and Pray thing. It takes something else to close the sale.

It takes the customer’s INTENT.

Introducing InnerCityPop. The POP is your Point-of-Presence in Digital Black Boston where you or your business will receive buyers with intent to purchase. We’d like for you to meet them and we refer.

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