Introducing Drift for Black-owned businesses.


Engagement and revenue acceleration are key benefits this webmaster has gained from DRIFT, a minority-owned Boston-based conversational marketing company in the Back Bay, whose flagship product named “DRIFT” goes by the same name. The Drift WordPress plug-in is our electronic front door greeter.

Before using Drift, we would spread Feedback submittal forms across a run of sites. We have a lot of websites. Those forms collected comments, questions and requests from users. The forms could enroll people who want newsletter updates into our Guest List. To increase the effectiveness of the forms, I would spread them everywhere, often putting more than one on a page. Web page designers thought the liberal use of feedback forms was a bad idea, but I’m not a designer – I’m a digitalPlumber, a marketer and a data collector.

Drift, founded in 2015, has 50,000 customers.

After we implemented Drift, the app took care of receiving critical data from the user’s site visit. Drift opened conversations between us. Most of the time, Drift would connect a Live Person on our side to the user as soon as they entered the site page. In theory it is possible to have a conversation with every instance of a user visit. That is the holy grail of engagement isn’t it? Knowing what everyone wants without spying on them or obtaining information they don’t want you to know is a good thing. But some visitors are lurking, for a reason of course. This has always been how websites are used. In general, more people will lurk and browse content without raising their hand or asking you to respond. Drift services lurkers as well. When they want answers but Not a Conversation, the Drift app implementation is smart enough to provide answers for the frequent asked questions about BLACKS IN BOSTON.

And what users want shapes our content manufacturing choices, because after all, “the purpose of our website portals is to satisfy a need, create a Happy Moment, and it doesn’t have to be guesswork, nor is is required to run surveys if you use Drift as part of your Black-owned business flow,” says this digitalPlumber from We are grass roots technology IT fixers at heart, and we are using the convenience of Internet Technology, hardware and software tech ( we are an authorized CISCO Meraki Partner) to deliver the goods and share information resources with the community, while providing advertising service across our networks to corporate stakeholders and organizations in the creative economy.

With DRIFT, users tell us what they need and why. Sometimes the conversation is just that, a conversation about whatever is relevant in the moment. Drift is for busy people on the Internet who want to be productive. You and I know that a person would rather be told what to do, than be forced into scanning dozens and dozens of paragraphs on a website to find out if the information they want it going to be there. DRIFT saves the user time. On our websites, most of our visitors arrive with the intent to get something done, to complete an essential to do, or to fill in an information gap and take a referral or direction to what they need. In our case, DRIFT is a natural at delivering results.

The Drift app hands us the resource of a dedicated human sales person, without hiring one. We could do a number of things with it, such as acquire contact information, setup a meeting, quote prices and services, present white papers, offer PDF downloads, video, audio, answer sheets, and more. We encourage you to actively monitor what Drift is doing when you implement it and be ready to respond to users when Drift notifies you as often as you can. Some companies have full-time Drift managers. We don’t but we can monitor Drift user notifications on desktop and mobile devices any time of the day or night, and that works pretty good for us. – @BlackBoston Tweets