Jazz beyond Jazz in the COVID-19 era…


Jazz beyond Jazz in the COVID-19 era…

If you are homebound, isolated but hopefully not guaranteed nor sick, nowhere to go, maybe bored—maybe even still working somehow—just a little reading and viewing material to engage you.

So live concerts are canceled or postponed or re-scheduled including my Creative Music Series, how the music is mainly appreciated—there are attempts to podcast, stream musician sessions without an audience online, look for them—I offer a snapshot into two incredibly creative musicians from Boston/other Massachusetts/ other New England that some of you may know a little or a lot or nothing about, but you’ll be glad to read about and hear them and/or refresh your musical memories.

  Musicians who made Jazz history from different generations and approaches such as is the language of Jazz beyond Jazz.

Tony Williams, 1945 – 1997, drummer, composer, leader; Bill Dixon, 1925 –2010, trumpet, composer, leader.

FYI: Joined Miles Davis’ Quintet at the age of 19, hardly out of H.S. in Boston!


Bill Dixon to follow, brought about an “October Revolution” (a few days) in Jazz in 1964.  You may have been alive and well, or not,  during the 60’s when Rock music declared and had a “revolution” in music, which did happen and changed popular culture.  Not too many know of or acknowledge, especially the media that Jazz during the same 60’s also had a “revolution” when musicians decided that Be-Bop and the older Swing didn’t offer much freedom of expression, actually begun in the late 50’s by Cecil Taylor, Ornette Coleman, others I’m sure and soon thereafter John Coltrane. And it hasn’t stopped! This 1964 October of a few days was a reaction to being left out of clubs and even other Jazz “loft” alternative spaces because they were not inclusive enough, so he took it upon himself to curate and organize their frustration by playing their Jazz on the cutting edge independently.


Stay healthy and smart in this crises of either fear, fact or both, want you around to check out the music once again live!


Alex, The Creative Music Series, Cambridge.