Jazz beyond Jazz is back


Back from one holiday and into another, time to send out a little more reading and information about the Jazz beyond Jazz here in metro Boston. Then more references to this important Jazz style generating from our Boston history…

Adding a little more from the 11/11/19 blog post about the talented and esteemed, world-class Boston area African-American trumpeter, Forbes Graham. He has a show coming up on January 9th at the Outpost 186, 186 ½ Hampshire St, Inman Sq., Cambridge at 8PM. Located in the back along a short walkway, cover is likely $10 by donation, it’s not a club it’s a gallery, intimate performance space.

Forbes Graham – trumpet Brittany Karlson – bass Dan Wick – piano

A good peak, interview with the gentleman: https://www.wbur.org/artery/2014/05/30/forbes-graham

He also released a recording on Bandcamp. The link is here: https://forbesgraham.bandcamp.com/

Finally, another and national assessment of Graham.  You get the impression I like him a lot; and so does NPR:

Miles Beyond: The New Sounds of Trumpet… there are hidden secrets in the horn, and a host of musical linguists who uncover new languages for an instrument imbued with a bop history. In fact, the Festival of New Trumpet Music brings out many of these sound explorers each year. Here are five trumpeters who reach deep inside the bells of their horns.  Forbes Graham:

  • Cardamom
  • from Essences

While Miles Davis’ shadow does figure into any jazz past The Birth of Cool, Forbes Graham doesn’t ignore it. He embraces the blue note and turns it “magenta haze.” The Boston-area improviser sputters and attacks the trumpet with shark-attack notes before letting out a haunting whistled horn like a meditative Don Cherry, or a gruffled stutter like a duck being strangled. Essences, then, plays well with the musical-yet-noisy percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani, who knows the history of his instruments but also understands where they should go.

Essences is available from Mimaroglu Music Sales.

Next time, a visit to some history of the adventurous side of Boston Jazz that isn’t widely known here, too bad, they were masters, monster Jazz musicians, legendary but now’s your chance if unfamiliar: Sam Rivers, Tony Williams, Alan Dawson, Jaki Byard and of course Makanda Ken Mcintyre, the musical and live memorial performances of the Makanda Project heard all around town.

Best of the holidays, winter and music to y’all!

Alex, the Creative Music Series, concerts on break till next March!