Jazz in our new year & community discovering history and now!


Good people, Jazz fans, you can’t miss, ignore or not pay attention to Boston’s Makanda Project, a big band sized ensemble that performs in a number of neighborhoods in your communities, verifiable, and guaranteed to please your sense of this creative music. It’s not your ordinary big band.  It honor’s the Jazz genius and compositions of the late and great alto saxophonist and multi-reed player, and native of Boston, who travelled the globe with and became part of the world of Free(r) Jazz to expand the music’s boundaries, just as Charlie Parker did and Louis Armstrong before and then John Coltrane, just to mention a few; the list of innovators is endless, some of whom I will cover because like Ken, they grew up and played in Boston, native sons and daughters you should know about…

Makanda’s accomplishments in education, too, were remarkable.

Makanda Ken McIntyre (born Kenneth Arthur McIntyre; also known as Ken McIntyre) (September 7, 1931 – June 13, 2001).

P.S.  Makanda Project concerts are free people, indoors and outdoors, just recently receiving a grant from the Boston Foundation.          

It’s creative Jazz, your music, your heritage and pride, far from being “dead”, record sales and MTV/BET videos do not define this Black Music!

Peace, great music, ancient to the future!

Alex, with the Creative Music Series, Cambridge, MA.