Black tech Special Ops U.S. military specialists have been at the forefront of America’s war initiatives. As warriors, they are first to hit the war arena and they create the means for top brass managed command, control, and communications decisions. It could have been a busy 4th quarter for them in 2019.

Long before the military allowed Black Americans to have specialized positions higher up in the ranks, the Black press was cranking out patriotism messaging.

In December 1941, the Pittsburgh Courier invented the “Double V” campaign to represent victory over totalitarian forces overseas as well as over similar forces in the United States that were denying equality to blacks. The full story is in the book The African American Newspaper, Voices of Freedom, by Patrick S. Washburn. The Courier earned 350,000 paid nationwide subscribers. Most were black readers. The newspaper’s ingenious campaign went viral. It made things happen that the Black community needed to happen.

In early 2020, the Black press industry can expect former Congressman Jesse Watts and his billionaire investor partner, to launch the Black News Channel in early 2020. Watch for it!

Black News Channel to make Black Newspapers stronger in the U.S.

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