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Interview now. Beverly Community Access TV is recruiting for the Executive Director position.

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Beberly Community Access televion broadcast and production training

January 22, 2022

Beverly Community Access Media (BevCam) seeks a dynamic, inspirational, and visionary leader as its next Executive Director.
About BevCam

Incorporated in 2001, BevCam is a multiple award-winning nonprofit community media center serving the City of Beverly, Massachusetts. BevCam operates three PEG Access channels on Comcast’s cable system: Public Access (programming from members of the community); Education Access (sports, other events, and original programming from students); and Government Access (coverage of hundreds of government meetings annually).

A very favorable 10-year agreement with Comcast was recently negotiated.

Some of your job duties and responsibilities are:

  • Manages day-to-day operations and supervision of staff
  • Sets the positive cultural tone of the organization, fosters professional growth and team building of staff
  • Directs and expands revenue generating, development and fundraising initiatives
  • Oversees hiring, staff development, performance management, separation, employee compensation and benefits


Skills Set/Personal Qualities:
 Excellent leadership, management, organizational, planning, and mentoring skills
 Strong Interpersonal and team-building skills and commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in all operations and production
 Creative, entrepreneurial, good listener, decisive, sense of humor, willing to take risks
 Action-oriented and mission focused – passionate about fostering growth
 Past success with working and collaborating with a Board of Directors
 Marketing, advertising and sales experience a plus
 Strong fiscal management with limited financial resources
 Business partnership experience
 Community oriented, good networking skills
 Media industry experience, including experience with non-cable access, private media outlets – connected in the industry
 Current with creative and technical aspects of media production, including on social media platforms
 Comprehensive understanding of the latest streaming technology
 An understanding of the current climate of media consumption, including a commitment to fact-based news content, and how to increase viewership/listenership in this climate
 Extensive knowledge of the cable TV/community media field and telecommunications issues that affect it, including federal, state and local cable regulations, and related matters

BevCam’s mission is to:

(1) provide education, encouragement and support to individuals and groups in the Beverly community in their efforts to communicate through electronic media;

(2) provide technological and educational resources that facilitate and encourage freedom of expression for individuals and groups within the Beverly community; and

(3) provide a place where community members may gather to learn and experience new technologies.

BevCam has five full-time staff (including the Executive Director), with offices located in the high school (no expenses for rent or utilities), and wants to expand its service delivery to include more internet-based real time streaming, YouTube channels, and social media content/programming.

For more details: https://bevcam.org/
The population of Beverly is 42,000.

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