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Assistant Audio Supervisor — job link
With over 700 events annually, the Assistant Audio Supervisor helps manage the on-site, backstage operations of the theatre performance and production support facilities of the Office of the Arts, including but not limited to, the Cutler Majestic Theatre, Paramount Theatre, Semel and Greene Theaters, Black Box Theatre, Bright Family Screening Room, Paramount Studios and Scene Shop. Click the job link for a full description and how to apply instructions at Emerson College.

Associate Technical Director — job link
The Associate Technical Director assists the Technical Director in the day-to-day operations of the Scenic/Props/Wardrobe department of the Office of the Arts. With over 700 unique shows and events per year, the Associate Technical Director will help ensure superior production values, safety, and smooth technical operations in all OA venues. Click the job link for a full description of this position at Emerson College.

Jews of Color Organizing

Now Hiring: Jews of Color Organizing Fellowship Director and Trainer
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Position Opening: Jews of Color Organizing Fellowship Director and Trainer
Classification: Full-Time, Exempt
Location: Work from Home with occasional travel
Posted: September 2021

JOIN for Justice is building a powerful field of Jewish leaders capable of effectively organizing for justice, both inside and outside Jewish communities in the US. We organize because, in the words of Emma Lazarus, “Until we are all free, we are none of us free”—our destinies are bound up as one. We train and mentor rabbis, community leaders and community organizers through a variety of intensive organizing training programs, in person and online. 

casa myrna is recruiting

The Casa Myrna Corporate & Foundation Relations Officer will grow and manage a corporate and foundation fundraising program, providing strategy and vision, to support the efforts of Casa Myrna to end domestic and dating violence. Casa Myrna is hiring for the following positions.

Barclay Water management

March 2021 updates

The Match Support Specialist provides case management support to program participants to ensure longer and stronger relationships between Big Sister and Little Sister. The Specialist also conducts introductory match meetings to launch new match relationships.

The Coordinator of Workplace Mentoring (WPM) leads core site-based mentoring programing with our workplace partners. Workplace Mentoring pairs employees at a company with Little Sisters from a local school. Little Sisters meet with their Big Sisters at the company’s office, providing a meaningful mentoring experience, and valuable career awareness. In addition to interviewing potential Bigs and Littles and, supporting matches between them, the Coordinator of WPM will collaborate with other staff to provide excellent programming and customer service to program partners and facilitate group activities and deliver curriculum.

For nearly a century Barclay Water Management, Inc. has been recognized as a leading provider of water treatment programs to protect water and steam heat exchangers and related piping systems. The company’s Environmental Group develops custom water hygiene programs to minimize the risks associated with Legionella bacteria and other waterborne pathogens in building water systems. A closely controlled water treatment program is an essential element in every streamlined facility. We focus on providing clients with superior, cost-effective water treatment products and services, delivered by some of the most experienced and educated water treatment engineers. Recruiter’s Services

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